Peacekeeper Principles

The following principles are necessary for us to restore civility in America and around the world. Take the pledge and incorporate these simple practices into your daily life.

1. DISAGREE WITHOUT DISRESPECT – Although we may not always agree with people that we interact with, we must always treat people with respect.

2. SUPPORT EQUALITY – It is not enough for us to simply say all men and women should be treated equal, we must do all that we can to make sure that everyone receives equal rights and fair treatment.

3. PROMOTE POSITIVITY – With all the negativity in the world, make a daily effort to promote positivity.

4. TREAT ALL PEOPLE WITH RESPECT – Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or economic status, everyone should be treated with respect.

5. LISTEN WITH EMPATHY – Know when to listen with your heart, rather than just with your ears.

6. TURN ENEMIES INTO ALLIES – Peace prevails when less people are at odds. Make a valiant effort to turn enemies into friends.

7. SPREAD LOVE – The best way to make the world a better place is to fill it with love.

8. EMBRACE DIVERSITY – Accept that we are all different and take an extra step to learn about and experience other cultures.

9. PROTEST PEACEFULLY – Protests are far more effective and well received when executed without the use of violence or destruction of property.

10. MEDIATE CONFLICTS – It is admirable to help opposing sides find a peaceful resolution to their conflict.

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